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There is a very special message of love that is available to you at a whisper to your Lord God... He waits.

He desires for you to experience His love no matter what your present or past circumstances.

It is an unconditional offering. You can look into the very heart of God and come to know this love through the Words and promises of your personal God.

Priscilla Degnan Fritz

Welcome, delighted you're here!

My life was dramatically transformed from atheism to belief when Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection became reality.


Experiencing His love and forgiveness, I began a lifelong journey. 

Realizing how many women see God as distant or formidable gives me the passion to share His truth and message around the world.


"For God so loved you He gave His one and ONLY Son that you should not perish but have everlasting life." - John 3:16


Just invite Jesus to be Lord of your life.

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